Country portrait: Nepal
Reportage Illustration

Personal Work exploring a week spent with Bhagavarti, a foster mother in Nepal, who takes in children from poor families in the countryside to live with her in Kathmandu. This way the children can go to school in the city and have access to a better education.

Stranded at a bus stop in Kathmandu without a hotel after arriving in Nepal via overland bus from Varanasi, India, Bhagavarti invited me to stay with her for the night. The night turned into a second one, and then into a week. Her foster children showed me the sights of the city. Though they spoke very little English, we got along fantastically.

The word "hospitality" acquired a new name for me when I received three square meals a day, courtesy of a single mother living on a few dollars a month. I was bidden a traditional farewell in a ceremony using flowers, incense and earth pigments for good luck and safe passage when I eventually had to travel on. The memories though, will never leave .
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